Ways To Move On

Top Ten Things to Move On

Yeah! Yeah! He left. She left. But hey! You know what?! It's not the end of the world. You knew you deserve more and far better from him/her! Get a life!

1. Go out and have fun with your friends. Meet new people (you wouldn't want to stress yourself up reminiscing your happy memories together right!) Your ex was the one who got away not your friends.

2. Do not be alone. (you might end up committing suicide..JOKE!) Seriously, if you wanna forget your ex do not do some bonding activities with yourself. You'll just remember your bonding activities together. Jog with your family.

3. Keep the things you both shared together. e.g. mugs,plates,pillows,blanket,pen,etc. Keep it in a box and put them where you can't see them.

4.Do not listen to some highly emotional music which makes you think about your ex.(hello! you should enjoy and feel the loud music because you could have been with a jerk forever!)

5. Watch comedy films ( it will make you forget things for a while)

6. Look in the mirror and say, I am beautiful/handsome and I am going to meet the guy/girl for me this year (of course this year, don't be hypocrite, you know you love him/her still)

7. Remember his/dark side.

8. Make yourself busy. Go on a trip, do your hobby, start a blog, enroll on yoga/dance /language class. (Improve yourself) Do things you really really wanted to do in your entire life.

9. Do the extremes! bungee jumping! or face your fears.

10. Smile often even if you know it is fake...... and pray.

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