A Teacher's Life

        As I heard my name called by a librarian-looking lady, I tried to put on my convincing smile as I walked gradually and sit on a soft wooden chair assertively.  “So, you’re Ma. Camille” the lady said. “Yes, I am”, I replied. “Why do you want to be a teacher?”  BOOM!

           It took some time for me to answer the question. That was harder than my final test in Trigonometry way back in high school. I can’t remember what I said exactly but I know I answered her. The last thing I remember was she signed my paper and said, “Welcome to Philippine Normal University” That was one of the happiest days in my life.

           When I was in College, I was taught that teaching is a very noble profession. My professors keep on sharing their experiences and stuffs that one should know in imparting one’s knowledge. I was very excited, then. Thought that it was cool to be able to teach and have this feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment my professors keep on saying on us.

             I am teaching for two years now and it is very arduous task to be a teacher as others would call it. Well I wouldn’t argue with that because I share the same sentiment too. There was a point that I had said, “Monday again??!” It is indeed very tiring. There are school papers, tests, quizzes, lesson plans, UBD, ISW, worksheets, handouts, even dealing with stealing, gossiping, cheating, and other behavioral problems in the classroom. At school, we are lecturing, discussing, checking papers, meeting with parents, area meeting, level meeting, faculty meeting, institutional meeting, etc. At home, checking papers, making exams, doing lesson plans, making handouts, making worksheets, etc and I find it so unfair! Why wouldn't other careers bring their work at home! Why do teachers even if we do their stuff in their workplace why do we still have to bring work at home always. So, this is a teacher’s life.

             Actually, when I got this job, all I want to have is my first salary. That was May of 2010. But that kind of thinking changed when I finally learned that it is not just the money that drives everything. The first three months for me as a new teacher spells, O-H  G-O-D  H-E-L-P  M-E,  P-L-E-A-S-E! I don’t have any idea where am I heading. I wasn’t given the orientation of all the teaching stuffs. I made mistakes over the year (my bad, I admit). Nobody’s perfect, we all commit mistakes but those made me help become a TEACHER.

              But despite all the mistakes I've done I still want to be in this kind of field because of my ever caring and adorable students. They are like treasures to me.

             Though I find it very unusual for me to have this kind of life. Like it's like a process: I wake every morning, teach, check papers, prepare lesson and the next morning it's the same thing again, it's like a routine and I'm beginning to get used to it.  Then I thought, how boring a teacher's life is! But at the end of the day I still find time to reflect on the day's experience. At the end of the day I feel happy especially when you know your students learned from you. When you know the students loved your prepared game/activities for them. It is just so fulfilling when you know you've done your part as a teacher that you be able to help a kid in class, help her understand the things confuses her and more.

             A smile on students' face for me each time I get in and out of the classroom gives me the power to hold on and continue this kind of passion. I know for a fact that I will not be rich in this kind of career. But who cares! I am rich with passion, determination, caring and wisdom which I want to share to all my students. Because I know, 

"No one is richer than a teacher who is blessed with an extraordinary heart"

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