A Spoonful of Love

Some say teaching kids is one of the most tiring profession in the world. You have to chase them, do fun but learning activities, make them interested, motivate them, and if you can do acrobats you might as well do it to keep them entertained and eyes are on you always, however, that kind of thinking changed when I finally learned that they are the ones who help me become what I am now.

28 different personalities packed in a classroom ready to share love and peace with others. Though there are misunderstandings and friendship dilemmas, that doesn't keep them from continuing love and peace inside the classroom. I know because I observed them many times. My girls were typical kind of students who are naughty and can do incredible things but what made them different was they are gifted with love for others.  I can say that somehow I was able to inspire my girls as they had inspired me also. We had the best year of our lives and I enjoyed my teaching career because of them.

They made me very happy with their silly jokes, little dramas, their laughter, the journals they wrote especially when they gave me a surprise birthday gift presentation that I won't ever wish to be forgotten even if I died a thousand times. I really don't have any idea they can put up something like that. They are the sweetest.

Let me share to you a letter they wrote that made my tears fell involuntarily. This was given to me on the day of my birthday,

Dear Ms. Camille,
Happy Birthday! May this day be a great day! Thank you for being a good, loving, loving , understanding, merciful, gentle and caring adviser. Sorry if sometimes we are disobedient, naughty, and noisy. Please forgive us! If you are having troubles or tough and hard times don't forget that God is there to listen to you! We would like to thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us all. And by the way, don't ever, EVER forget that we very much care for you and we love you. Now that you are 22, there's a new adventure that awaits you! Never run out of patience and hope, be confident, always smile and always have faith in God, for with him nothing is impossible. Always think positive! We love you! God bless you and have a great day. We wish you all the happiness

-From your students who loves you a lot,
Gr. 4 - St. Felicity
I really felt blessed, loved, and appreciated as soon as I finished reading the letter. I wish they have the idea how grateful I am being their adviser. How I am happy I was given a chance to be able to teach these 28 naughty but sweet children. You girls really are angels sent to me from heavens above. I was so lucky I had you all. I love you girls also, and even if you misbehaved in class or did something disobedient, I'm telling you, I already forgiven you even if you were just about to say you are sorry.

These children will always be in my heart and I will never forget them. I will send them my spoonful of love to keep them healthy at all times.

Congratulations you are all turning Grade 5. May God bless you always. =)
Always be good girls =)

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